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Most homeowners want one thing from their existing home, that is more space. Increasingly, homeowners are looking to create extra space by converting and extending their cellar or utilising space under the house that’s non-functional to create a basement conversion beneath their existing property.


In the UK, the booming economy and need for extra homes, it’s crucial to use any available building land we have (like underground for instance). By adding a basement to your two-story home, you’re estimated to increase your floor space by 50% more without having to build on or sacrifice any more garden space.


Wall and floor insulation are improved with a basement conversion. With improvements like this, your basement does not overheat or cool at a fast pace.


Basement conversions can be used to create new bedrooms, additional bathrooms, living space areas, playrooms, even a wine cellar, and more. You’re not too limited with your creativity.

Not only do you gain from the extra room a conversion can provide, but like with an upgrade made to your house, you’re increasing your home value. Adding a basement conversion can add a huge boost, up to 30% of your property value!

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